All Digital Content Directly Integrated

With the Digital Asset Manager Tool (DAM) from prodexa, users can provide, organize and edit digital images and documents.


DAM optimizes your entire workflow: Your digital media are stored centrally without exception, while the integrated upload and approval process ensures the high quality of all objects. An intelligent and powerful search function makes it easy to retrieve all objects. Thus the media are conveniently available for internal purposes as well as print publications and use on the Internet. Our DAM module is fully integrated into the Product Information Manager.

Our Digital Asset Management Solution

Always in Sight
All Digital Content

Digital Asset Manager from prodexa is a modern and effective web-based media management solution for images, documents, print data and many other formats.


As part of the consolidation of your digital objects into one system, the functions mass import or drag & drop from your desktop environment are available.


The following file formats are supported: JPG, TIFF, EPS, GIF, PNG, BMP, AVI, MPEG, PDF, SVG, DOC, XLS, PPT – many more file types can be saved and indexed.

Fast & Easy
Powerful Search

Metadata and keywords make it easy to find all digital content. The powerful and intelligent search functionality uses the variables file name, keywords, creation date, object type and size.


In the context of copyright protection, metadata such as Exif or IPTC can be used. Multiple-use collections and document types can also be created.

The Right Resolution for Every Channel
Automatic Format Conversions

With Digital Asset Manager from prodexa you save time and reduce process costs when processing and transmitting multimedia objects. For example, formatting and size adjustments can be carried out during operation.


Using the upload function in the Digital Asset Manager, documents with metadata can be easily transferred to the server, where they are then available for further processing.