Up-to-date product data – mobile and at any time

The prodexa Online Product Catalog serves as a central product information portal for internal and external target groups. With OPC, all available product information of the Product Information Manager can be accessed, including images, PDF data sheets or other digital assets linked to a product.


The search and filter functions of OPC are familiar to users of well-known online shopping platforms. A structured user interface and clear navigation ensure intuitive and effective use. All functions of the online product catalog are based on responsive design principles and are available on every mobile device.

Our Information Portal for Your Employees and Customers

News Always in View
Central Product Information Portal

An attractive newsfeed has been integrated on the OPC homepage. Group-wide company announcements run through the slider at the top of the screen. Under the slider, for example, the marketing department can place additional information such as new suppliers, changes to sales guidelines, a supplier directory or instructions on portal functions. In this way, the information flow is improved and both internal and external target groups are quickly supplied with up-to-date information.

Intuitive Handling
Extensive Search and Filter Functions

In addition to its intuitive user interface, the prodexa OPC is characterized by very user-friendly search functions with corresponding sorting and filtering options. On the one hand, different search methods are supported by corresponding functions. On the other hand, the sorting and filtering functions of the OPC are designed in such a way that users are already familiar with them from conventional online shops and can use them immediately.

Quickly Find the Right Thing
Compare Products

A product comparison can be created in the OPC by selecting the desired products in the hit list. An anchor product can then be selected. The respective differences of the comparison products are highlighted in color in a tabular comparison.

The Right Product for Everyone
View Management

With the View Management you can control the visibility on different assortments for the different users (groups). This allows a restriction to certain suppliers, catalogs, material groups or articles. In addition, individual products can be assigned keywords. A filter then ensures that products with these keywords are not displayed (or only displayed to certain users).