PIM for eCommerce

Every search in the webshop is a customer inquiry. An inconclusive search means: the customer buys somewhere else. A web shop may not display search results even though the desired product is in the assortment.


The product information and a system that bundles information from different sources in the company into valuable product data are of central importance here. In the B2C Commerce sector, prodexa offers interfaces to third-party providers in addition to its own solutions. There is an interface which is easy to adapt and to which numerous systems such as OXID eSales, Shopware, Magento, Intershop or Xsite have already been connected.

Our Solutions for Your eBusiness

Powerful Integrations
Product Data in Your Marketplaces and Search Engines

Professional product presentations have a positive influence on purchasing decisions and lead to higher sales. For this reason, we have designed our PIM solution to synchronize your current and accurate product descriptions with your online stores worldwide. For a convenient shopping experience, your customers can then easily find, compare and configure products.

Consolidation of Product Data
Unified Shopping Experiences

With centrally managed, up-to-date product information, the creation of specific content for the individual channels is child’s play. The latter are thus exclusively provided with precisely tailored information for the respective target groups.

Nowadays, consumers obtain their information from various sources. Detailed information can be obtained from supplier websites, for example, where the product itself may be purchased through a third party web shop or in a shopping centre. Consistent product information at all touch points makes purchasing easier and results in fewer product returns or customer requests.

Increased Sales through Flexible Offers and Prices
Cross-Selling And Upselling

The product relationships in your PIM system can be used directly for your online offer. It is possible to show complementary and additional products or refer to recommendations from other buyers. In addition, your customers will be offered suitable products to further improve the shopping experience.


In addition to detailed product descriptions, PIM also includes various product-related suggestions:

  • Product recommendations for the next purchase
  • Matching accessories
  • Parts lists
  • Cross-selling recommendations based on buyer profile (customers who bought this product also bought …)


The information is modelled with the product relationships and this creates additional impulses for achieving sales growth.

Shorter Sales Cycles
Fast Adaptation to Changing Markets

With PIM, product assortments and prices can be easily customized to respond quickly to new market demands. Announcing special offers, discounts and providing vouchers and coupons is just as easy.