PIM for Manufacturers

German manufacturers have always been reliable. High quality standards and compliance with extensive safety regulations are applied in all areas – from design to production to distribution. In international competition, however, companies are always faced with less expensive and lower-quality competitors who spread similar products over many sales channels in shorter times and thus secure new market shares through mass.


To counter this, the greatest possible standardization and automation is required, which has been summarized here in Germany under the term Industry 4.0 for quite some time. This high degree of standardization, even for individual productions, is often a decisive factor in securing or expanding market shares. Customers on national and global markets demand relevant, exact and sometimes very detailed information on thousands of products at all times.


With the steadily growing influence of international manufacturers focused on mass sales, the use of professional product information management (PIM) becomes a clear competitive advantage for sales and the development of new markets. Whether DIN and standard parts or parts individually manufactured to customer specifications – product data can be maintained quickly and easily in the prodexa PIM. Functions for product sets, spare parts and accessories effectively increase per capita sales. All sales channels and materials such as webshop, marketplace, print catalogue, brochure and data sheet can be used at any time.

  • Advantages for Manufacturers

    • All product information in one system
    • Consistent data through integrated approval processes
    • Time-saving translation and terminology management
    • Support of the industry standards eCl@ss, BMEcat, etc.
    • Linking with additional media such as CAD files, manuals,
      Material safety data sheets, exploded views, etc.
    • Publishing of extensive catalogues with little effort
    • Simple handling of product variants