PIM for Print Publishing

Benefit from an effective communication process in sales and marketing. With the prodexa applications you can synchronize your data from other systems (e.g. SAP, Excel, etc.) and automatically fill high-quality print catalogs, flyers, data sheets with industry standards or individualized price lists for individual customer groups with data. Through the efficient creation of your publications, you can react directly to new market situations and use innovative sales channels.


The integration of the central Product Information Management ensures the creation of customer-specific publications based on current and correct data.

Our Solutions for Your Print Publishing Process

Integration with Leading DTP Tools
The Perfect Connection for Your Project

prodexa’s solutions can be combined with any DTP tools. Open interface technologies based on XML, Java and Groovy enable seamless data transfer and integration of third-party systems. Based on many years of project experience and cooperation with prodexa’s technology partners in this area, we already have many corresponding connectors to the leading providers in our portfolio.

Customer Examples

Efficient Usage of your Product Knowledge
Change of Perspective in the Publishing Process

Use the knowledge around your products and plan your publications before the data is transferred to the creative department or the agency. A publication can be structured into chapters and sections using Cross Media Publisher. The planning of sequence or page-oriented catalogs is supported.

By communicating the publication structure and the desired sequence of products in advance, you reduce correction loops and promote the creativity of the designer. The designer can rely on correct product data, images and texts right from the start.