PIM für die SHK-Industrie

The SHK industry in Europe is changing more than ever. Mega-trends such as technological change and, above all, the energy revolution are constantly presenting manufacturers and retailers with new challenges. In addition, there are new requirements such as data preparation and classification according to the ETIM standard.

In order to be able to compete in the international marketplace against companies with less expensive and in some cases inferior products, ways must be found to open up new markets and sales channels in less time.

In order to ensure competitiveness, a central and flexible product information system is now required, which also keeps information about products and their relationships up-to-date across national or currency borders. Manufacturers, wholesalers and local experts have access to relevant, accurate and detailed information on thousands of products at all times.

  • Advantages for Retail

    • Harmonisation of supplied manufacturer data
    • Individual product information for planners, architects and installers
    • More cross-selling for accessories and spare parts
    • Flexible and secure import of different supplier data through mapping editor
    • Automated validation rules increase data quality during import
    • Country-specific or customer-specific assortment creation

  • Advantages for Manufacturers

    • All product information in one system
    • Consistent data through integrated approval processes
    • Time-saving translation and terminology management
    • Standard classifications: ETIM, eCl@ss, profi Cl@ss and ARGE specific data structures
    • Linking with additional media such as CAD files, Manuals, safety data sheets,
      Exploded drawings, etc.
    • Creation of extensive or personalized catalogues with little effort